The main activity of the organization is:

  1. Development of design and working documentation for the construction, reconstruction, overhaul of industrial facilities, including hazardous production facilities (HIF) and highly hazardous production facilities.
  2. Development of design and working documentation for the construction, reconstruction, overhaul of civilian objects.
  3. Acting as a general designer.
  4. Architectural supervision of construction.
  5. Measurements and surveys of civil and industrial buildings and structures;
  6. Examination of industrial safety documentation for the technical re-equipment of hazardous production facilities of 1, 2, 3 hazard classes.
  7. Examination of industrial safety of technical devices, buildings and structures, documentation on technical re-equipment, declarations of industrial safety for hazardous products of 1, 2, 3 hazard classes.

In the field of design, GrandExpert Engineering LLC develops design and estimate documentation for the following objects:

  1. Objects of transportation of oil, gas and petroleum products (main oil and gas pipelines), gas distribution networks and gas consumption
  2. OZH site facilities.
  3. Oil depots, process plants for oil refining and gas treatment, gas stations, car washes, car parks, garages, repair boxes for cars
  4. Development of projects for the transportation and storage of chemicals (methanol, NAC, ethylene glycol, etc.).
  5. Logistics centers, refrigerated storage terminals.
  6. Sports facilities.
  7. Wastewater treatment plant.
  8. Mechanical repair shops.
  9. Paint shops.
  10. Workshops for the production of polystyrene foam.
  11. Metal windows production shops.
  12. Crushing and screening complexes.
  13. Asphalt plants.
  14. Production of dry building mixes, liquid additives for concrete.
  15. Workshops for the production of concrete products, including aerated concrete.
  16. Reinforcement shops.
  17. Warehouses for cement, warehouses for inert materials, warehouses for finished products.
  18. Concrete mixing plants, concrete mixing plants.

Four departments are involved in this activity: technological, structural and architectural solutions, general plans and roads, engineering networks, the department of maintenance documentation.

Types of work as part of a project or on a separate order:

  1. Performing basic technological calculations in the design of linear and site parts of trunk oil and gas pipelines: performing hydraulic and thermal hydraulic calculations, performing thermal hydraulic calculations of field gas pipelines, performing calculations of the sequential pumping of oil products, performing calculations of the GNB and BNB methods.
  2. Perform all types of strength calculations of linear and site structures,
  3. Performing technical calculations, incl. verification, in certified software complexes LIRA-SAPR and STARK_ES.
  4. Designing vertical steel cylindrical tanks for storing oil and oil products using the PASSAT software package.
  5. Designing foundations for equipment (columnar, tape, slab, pile) in accordance with applicable regulations.
  6. Design of metal structures of buildings and structures (frame buildings, spans, supports and racks for pipelines, equipment maintenance sites, etc.) in accordance with applicable regulations.
  7. Design of reinforced concrete buildings and structures in accordance with applicable regulations.
  8. Inspection of building structures of buildings and structures;
  9. Development of project documentation in the section "Architectural solutions"; Section "Constructive and space-planning solutions"
  10. Development of working documentation sections: "Architectural solutions", "Metal structures", "Reinforced concrete structures", including development of working documentation for stone, reinforced stone and wooden structures
  11. Process Automation.
  12. Automation of fire extinguishing and smoke removal.
  13. Automated Process Control System (PCS).
  14. Automated Fire Extinguishing System (ACMS).
  15. Communication networks.
  16. Fire alarm.
  17. Power supply facility:
    power electrical equipment;
    external power supply network of the object;
    design of power lines with voltage of 0.4-110 kV;
    lightning protection and grounding of the object;
    electrical heating of equipment and pipelines (including automation of electrical heating).
  18. Water supply and sewage systems, both internal and external, including fire extinguishing systems.
  19. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning of buildings, heat networks, heat points, boiler rooms.
  20. Development of special sections of project documentation (Civil defense engineering measures, Engineering measures to prevent natural and man-made emergencies, Development of a declaration on industrial safety of hazardous production facilities).
  21. Project to justify the sanitary protection zone.
  22. Emission inventory, Draft standards for maximum permissible emissions (MPE)
  23. Draft standards for waste generation and limits on their disposal.
  24. Measures to reduce emissions of harmful (polluting) substances into the air during periods of adverse meteorological conditions (NMU).

Expert Activities

  1. OOO GrandEkspertInzhenering has its own certified non-destructive testing laboratory equipped with all necessary equipment.
  2. The organization's activities are confirmed by a license for the right to conduct an industrial safety review of technical re-equipment documentation, buildings and structures, technical devices, industrial safety declarations
  3. Specialists of GrandExpert Engineering LLC are certified to conduct non-destructive testing in the field of industrial safety.
  4. The laboratory of non-destructive testing OOO GrandEkspertInzhenering has been certified to conduct non-destructive testing in the following areas:
    1. Objects of boiler inspection:
    1.1. Steam and hot water boilers.
    1.2. Electric boilers.
    1.3. Vessels operating under pressure above 0.07 MPa.
    1.4. Pipelines of steam and hot water with a working vapor pressure of more than 0.07 MPa and a water temperature of more than 115 degrees. C.
    6. Equipment of oil and gas industry:
    6.1. Well drilling equipment.
    6.2. Well operation equipment.
    6.3. Equipment for the development and repair of wells.
    6.4. Equipment for gas and oil pumping stations.
    6.5. Gas and oil pipelines.
    6.6. Reservoirs for petroleum and petroleum products.
    8. Equipment for fire and explosion hazardous and chemically hazardous industries:
    8.1. Equipment for chemical, petrochemical and oil refining industries operating under pressure up to 16 MPa.
    8.2. Equipment for chemical, petrochemical and oil refining industries operating under pressure above 16 MPa.
    8.3. Equipment for chemical, petrochemical and oil refineries operating under vacuum.
    8.4. Storage tanks for fire and explosion hazardous and toxic substances.
    8.5. Isothermal storage.
    8.6. Cryogenic equipment.
    8.7. Ammonia refrigeration equipment.
    8.8. Furnaces.
    8.9. Compressor and pumping equipment.
    8.10. Centrifuges, separators.
    8.11. Tanks, containers (barrels), cylinders for explosive and toxic substances.
    8.12. Process piping.
    10. Objects of storage and processing of grain:
    10.1. Blower machines (air turbochargers, turbo blowers).
    10.2. Fans (centrifugal, radial, VVD).
    10.3. Crushers hammer, roller machines, entoleytory.
    11. Buildings and facilities (construction sites):
    11.1. Metal structures (including: Steel structures of bridges).
    11.2. Concrete and reinforced concrete structures.
    11.3. Stone and armokamenny designs.
  5. OOO GrandEkspertInzhenering has in the staff of industrial safety experts 1,2,3 categories in areas E4 ЗС, Э4 ТУ, Э7 Д, Э7 ЗС, Э7 ТУ, Э7 ТП, Э7 КЛ, Э8 ТП, Э8 Д, Э8 КЛ , E8 TU, E8 ZS, E10 KL / TP, E11 KL / TP, E12 KL / TP.
  6. The Department of Expertise and Non-Destructive Testing develops all operational documentation (PMLA, PLRN, DPB, fire safety declarations, process regulations, safety data sheets)